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    上海德珂斯機械自動化技術有限公司(展位號:W3-CO5) , 是由德國TUENKERS集團于2003在上海投資成立。公司主要產品有一體式夾緊器,伸縮銷、旋轉工作臺、機械抓手、積放式輸送鏈、升降輥床、往復桿、柔性底板切換系統,料箱切換系統等設備,新的生產基地還將增加焊槍,涂膠設備等新產品的研發和制造。公司主要客戶有奔馳(BENZ)、寶馬(BMW)、大眾(VW)、福特(FORD)、通用(GM)等一系列國際著名汽車廠商,以及吉利,長城,奇瑞,比亞迪,眾泰,五菱等眾多國產汽車生產商。

    Tuenkers Machinery & Automation Technology Co.,Ltd,Shanghai, founded in year 2003,is the wholly owned daughter company of Tuenkers Maschinenbau GmbH. It’s located in Jiading District with more than 5000㎡ factory premise,providing professional service and support for BIW line builders and car makes with the following 9 modules Clamping,Positioning,Moving,Forming,Welding,Gripping,Rotating,Conveying,Transporting. Our products are widely used in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, GM, SAIC MOTOR, Great Wall, Chery, BYD and many other domestic and international automobile manufacturers.

    1.電動夾緊器Electric Clamps


    Electric clamps are compatible alternatives to pneumatic clamps,Driven by a low - voltage protective motor,it is more reliable, safe and energy-saving than the traditional pneumatic clamps.

    2.ALPHA 系列夾緊器APH Clamps



    APH clamps has the material thickness compensation function, and through the internal curve drive mechanism, it can realize the clamping of plates with different thickness.


    3.PK 系列夾緊器PK Clamps


    PK clamps can clamp the plates with thickness deviation within 4mm with constant force, and the clamps arm is always parallel to the plates with no Angle deviation.


    4.U系列夾緊器U Clamps


    Compared with ordinary clamps, U clamps are smaller in size, with 30% reduction in air consumption and 15% reduction in operating costs.


    5.轉轂系統(Trunnion System)




    1.    零件標準化,便于選型及備件;

    2.    滿足不同車型工裝切換的使用要求;

    3.    為機器人提供靈活的更合理的施焊位置;

    4.    上件位置靈活,便于人工上件;

    5.    轉轂系列產品的統一性。

    Developing Trunnion System based on Turnnion. The fixtures are mounted in the rotating frame of Trunnion System which is driven by Turnnion. The rotating frame can be installed different fixtures. After rotation, it will be operated by another fixture in the station. The position of working face can be designed according to customers requirements.

    The characteristics of Trunnion System are as follows:

    1.Standardized,  selecting equipment and getting spare parts easily.

    2.Switching different fixture for different cars automatically at one station.

    3.Providing a more flexible and reasonable position for the robot.

    4.Flexible position for manual loading.

    5.The unity of Turnable series of products.


    6.機器人第七軸7th axis for robots



    Tuenkers’ 7th axis for robots, which can extend the working range of industrial robots and improve their accessibility , is a linear transmission unit for robots. Compared with the traditional rack and pinion structure Expert-Tuenkers’onehas higher precision and performance via professional cam structure. With modular system, multiple robots can be equipped on a 7th axis.